Portable Dental Outreach Program

photo of the Gator Grins treatment room

Dental Outreach Program Overview

Gator Grins StaffOur goal is to provide a dental home for the students of the Gateway Regional School District and the Hampshire Regional School District at New Hingham Regional Elementary School and R. H. Conwell Elementary School.

At our mobile dental clinics you can have your child seen by the dentist in a professional and comfortable school environment, without the inconvenience of missing school. Your child will be seen by a Hilltown Community Health Center dentist and hygienists. We offer complete dental services including dental cleanings, x-rays, fluoride, sealants and fillings. Dentists at the Worthington and Huntington Health Centers will be available in case of dental emergencies.

Enrolling in our program means your child will not have to leave school or miss a lot of classroom time for a dental appointment and parents/guardians will not have to miss work and spend valuable time and money transporting him or her to the dentist. This program makes it easy to ensure that your child gets regular dental care at their school, where children feel less intimidated and are more cooperative than at the dentist’s office. We take the challenge out of finding a local dentist who will treat your child regardless of your ability to pay.

Why Dental Health Care at School?

As all of us who live in the hilltowns know, getting the services we need can be a challenge. Studies have shown that children in rural areas miss more school for oral health appointments, and often have difficulties getting to the dentist. In addition, there is a higher cost to parents for time missed from work and the cost of the commute. Often parents cannot locate a local dentist who accepts their dental insurance. Our dental program accepts most dental insurances including Masshealth.

No funds from the Gateway Regional District schools or Hampshire Regional District schools are used for this program.

What Services are provided?

  • Dental exams
  • X-rays
  • Dental cleanings
  • Amalgam and composite fillings
  • Fluoride Varnishes
  • Sealants
  • Emergency dental care

What makes our Program Unique?

While some school programs provide dental health screenings, sealants, and fluoride, they do not include restorative or routine care, therefore requiring children to also see another dentist.

Your children will be seen by known providers which is important when building a good dental health relationship. Under the direction of Dr. Emily Bowden, dental care will be provided by Dr. Bowden and registered hygienists Liz Spooner and Lori Paquette. We are also available after hours and during the summer at the Huntington and Worthington Health Centers.

How Can Your Child use Our Services?

  1. Complete a permission and medical history form that is sent home at the beginning of each school year. These forms are available for download and can be printed from the links below as well.
  2. Drop the forms off at your child’s school, or mail it to: Portable Dental Outreach Programs, c/o Gateway School-Based Health Center, 12 Littleville Road, Huntington, MA 01050 Attn: Kristen Brakey.
  3. You may receive any information you need by calling Kristen Brakey at (413) 667-3009 ext. 239 or email her here. Also, you may contact Kiirsten Cooper at (413) 667-0142 ext.403 or email her here.

No appointment is necessary; once your child is enrolled, he/she will be scheduled for a dental exam and cleaning while the dental health team is at your child’s school.

List of schools in the program:

  • Chester Elementary
  • Gateway Regional Middle/High School
  • Littleville Elementary
  • New Hingham Regional Elementary
  • R.H. Conwell Elementary School

Links to New Hingham forms:

Links to Gator Grins forms:

 Links to R. H. Conwell forms: